Video Marketing Benefits

  •  Video Marketing substantially build awareness of your brand
  • This Video will increase your presence on the web and improve your search engine rankings
  • Video assists with brand awareness and will  customize your organization products or services.
  • Professional Video improves trust and rapport among your audience.
  • Video will convey important data in a more user friendly way and more effectively than pictures.

Video Marketing Strategy

  • Assess current video marketing program to your company.
  • Determine goals and objectives for web video production, keeping in mind of your targeted audience
  • Build up outline of video topics and sections to be captured.
  • Creating the content and scripts of your company program.
  • Framework the video production schedule and preparations
  • Conducting the video shoot(s) and post production editing of your company.
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Video Marketing Strategy

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing means actively marketing and advertising your products and services through the use of videos.  The videos created can be long or short, depending on your objective, and are uploaded to websites such as YouTube or Vimeo for increasing engagement and exposure. Our Video Marketing Company in India will take you through everything video-related step by step!

Video marketing and video campaigns created with the help of professional company are one of the fastest growing marketing tools used today.  This is not longer optional if you want your company to stay in front today, it is a must to have a part of marketing strategy.

Why Your Company Should Adopt A Video Marketing Strategy:

  1. Video Increases your Conversions and Revenue – videos can boost up the amount of customers that contact you, which will then converted into lead. Video accounts for over 70% of all traffic, and over 50% of internet users who watch videos every day. Don’t miss out on this important medium for advertising your brand!
  2. This Video Has a Huge ROI – over 80% of companies that using video says that it is well worth for investment. Athough shooting professional video is not the cheapest marketing method, research shows that more than its cost it will increase the revenue in  result.
  3. Video Increases your Brand Recognition and Trust – Video will increase awareness of your brand, product or service. It also builds trust, as there is almost no way to clearly transform what your company is trying to convey to your audience.
  4. Google Ranks Sites makes Video Higher in the Rankings – Video allows users to spend more time on your website. Thus, this let’s search engines know that your have quality content in your website. Also, Google owns YouTube, it is extremely beneficial to put all of the videos you have shoot in YouTube. Either way, capturing quality video about your company and its products or services will surely help your website to rank higher and also greatly improve your search engine optimization efforts.
  5. Video is Mobile Friendly – As of 2018, over 55% of internet users are on the internet using mobile devices. Video translates extremely good to mobile devices, and many people who take transportation to work other than driving would much rather watch a video than reading a text. People who are using mobile devices is only expected to grow larger as time goes on.

Chennai Video Marketing Company

Tanlax Digital Marketing in Chennai has trained professionals that will expertly plan your company’s upcoming video project, and our highly trained videographers will then go to assist you to produce high quality videos for your website.

Our web video customes are both large and small – everything from smaller companies wanting a professional YouTube video production company to shoot short videos for their website, to very big companies wanting to shoot video of training sessions or messages from their C-level executives.

Digital Marketers in India have experts on everything involving video. From setting goals and objectives for videos, to planning the day(s) of the shoot, to post productions. Our team of  video experts will have leave you extremely impressed with their experience and professionalism. Many of our video experts have over 15 years of experience shooting professional videos for both corporations large and small.

Video Marketing Strategy