Linkedin Marketing Benefits

  • With more than 562 million users in about 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn provides a large potential reach
  • Marketing on LinkedIn is a great way to establish your business’ reach while building a network of important connections
  • While many people use the platform as a site to search for jobs and grow a professional network, LinkedIn is just as effective for producing new business leads
  • LinkedIn’s community features like LinkedIn Groups provide you to connect with experts and influencers in your field

Linkedin Marketing Strategy

  • Determine the current company LinkedIn page.
  • Analise brand objectives
  • Make a perfect LinkedIn business page featuring company status, updates, relevant articles, products and services, and career opportunities
  • Post rich content on a regular basis
  • Provide valuable media that stands out on your company LinkedIn page
  • Create a weekly flexible content post calendar to determine the frequency of your company posts
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Why Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business?

With present technological advancements, there are so many social media platforms continuing to appear and improve. According to Cambridge Analytics, who recently received access to confidential data on Facebook, Many Fb users are leaving the platform in bulk. But,well said when one door closes, another one opens. This more departure from Facebook means less ads being shown to users, which means trouble for company who pay for them to appear on the platform.

With company ads and cost being restricted, businesses are more inclined to move to a another platform for their paid social advertisements.  Our Chennai Marketing Company is here to prepare you and your company for all of the newest platforms that are gaining popularity.

A LinkedIn Company page establishes your brand as a reputable and trustworthy institution while also helping you provide leads, drive web traffic, and boost brand awareness. Marketing on the platform by a professional LinkedIn Marketing Company helps you network with a community of field professionals to spur actions appropriate to your company.

Tips to improve your Company Page on LinkedIn:


1. Include a Banner Image:

The banner image is the important thing that people see when they visit your company page. Make one that reflects your brand values and message. Include your company logo to appear when audience search for your business.

2. Feature Your Products and Services:

Posting what it is you do or what your organization sells is key for users to find you and want to purchase your products or get your services. Be sure to insert rich descriptions of any images you feature.

3. Share Rich Content Daily:

Posting visual media like infographics will definitively capture more attention than paragraphs of information nobody wants to, or has the time to, read. Regular posting from a  Marketing Company will increase engagement and fosters familiarity.

Sharing company updates daily is the most important way to directly interact with your target audience. Be sure to keep your updates short and sweet to retain this newly attained attention. Also, post interesting articles that are related to your brand, so your followers will be more engaged with them.

4. Post Any Career Opportunities:

LinkedIn’s B2B business model is a great resource to produce valuable, intelligent employees. Posting a job recruitment on the site will increase thousands looking for possible career opportunities.

5. Optimize Your Company Profile for Search:

LinkedIn pages are SEO-friendly, so one key way to boost your search engine ranking is to insert sentences. That are full of carefully thought-out keywords in your company bio and name. Strategically including company keywords in your LinkedIn URL and any external links you post will also improve recognition. It’s important to add keywords that demonstrate your company’s expertise in the industry.

In present digital revolution, social networks like LinkedIn are essential if you want to make it as a leader in your field. Hiring the best  LinkedIn Marketing Company in Chennai will significantly increase your company’s bottom line.

Contact Tanlax Digital Marketing company in Chennai today to speak with one of our excellent  LinkedIn Marketers. And learn how you can boost your brand’s presence on the social media platform.

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LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social media network, with fresh professionals signing up at a rate faster than two new users per second. Digital  Marketing Company in Chennai. With tons of experience helping business owners and companies to increase their online presence through the LinkedIn platform.

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We Digital Marketing Company is well-equipped to grow your brand’s LinkedIn marketing power. Our Company’s social media team has the knowledge essential to Make your company’s LinkedIn page, take advantage of LinkedIn’s community features, Know and navigate LinkedIn’s algorithm, and fully leverage the chennel as a marketing tool to grow your business’s revenue and customer base.

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