Press Release Benefits:

  • Great way to announce fresh and energizing changes within your company to the general public by using our  company.
  • Goes about as your voice of record inside the media.
  • Assists with keeping up a straightforward message.
  • Increases online visibility to focused possibilities.

Press Release Strategy:

  • Make subjects of enthusiasm for your press releases.
  • Issue and distribute inside objective market or your audience.
  • Issue properly formatted and “newsworthy” press releases on a quarterly basis, or as needed with the assistance of our organization.

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What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official, written communication composed information about something that is “newsworthy.” It is ordinarily brief, and can be issued by any corporation or organization.

In spite of press releases that are issued are not always “picked up,” or run by the news organizations. You submit them to, having the press release published either in newspapers or online is the objective. The more newsworthy and/or interesting it is. The more likely it will be picked up and distributed by the news organization(s) you submitted it to.

For press releases, you want either the news organization to pass the data along via their print publications or websites. You issue them with the expectation that a reporter will see the press release and make an article about it. The two alternatives are great for a multitude of reasons when using our professional press release company in Chennai.

Will press release benefit your company?

  • Press releases will inform your prospective customers. customers and stakeholders of significant events currently going on with your company.
  • With our company, press releases will increase your exposure and visibility with your target audience and/or area of operations, making individuals mindful aware of your company or organization who in any case may not be.
  • Press releases are very favorable for SEO for a variety of reasons – link building through the press release itself and additional link building by news organizations that publish it are valuable to build your company/website’s ranking in the search engines
  • Issuance and distribution of Press release is not too expensive
  • Press releases can help circulation you or your company as experts in your industry
  • It has the potential to attract investors and keep them informed of new developments happening with your company

Creating press releases with a goal in a view can have a powerful effect on increasing your audience base and getting the word out on important advancements inside your company.  Again though, simply ensure they are newsworthy and that someone will actually want to read it and understand it.  Otherwise, you will not receive the benefits press releases have to provide as journalists and readers will just pass on distributing them and reading them.

Chennai Professional Press Release Company


Tanlax Digital Marketing in Chennai is a professional press release company in India. We excel at creating interesting and informative press releases that will make your company sparkle with our company.

Our organization experts have years of experience in press release, writing, and SEO abilities. We also know the best methods and platforms for which to issue your significant press release.

When choosing a our company, know that we have some of the best  writers for you. That will spend significant time learning both about your company and the event or newsworthy item you are wanting to distribute and have distributed.

Our company scholars in will not only write you’re your important in it, but will also optimize your headers, keywords and keyword phrases. Add links to your sites and social media channels, and target it to the regions that will be most beneficial for your company depending on what kind of product or service you offer.

Do you have questions about press releases?  Please don’t hesitate to give our organization  a call. We’ll be more glad to answer any questions you may have and get started helping you feature your brand in a meaningful way.

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